In-Progress: A Modern Reclaimed Headboard

This in-progress piece is very slick and more modern looking. It’s seen here after being assembled, without any finishing or conditioning. I’m thinking a layer of shellac/denatured alcohol, then maybe a pigmented stain… Continue reading

Beeswax Reclaimed Headboard

Here’s an update to the last post. I decided to use a beeswax and orange oil application on this headboard: bringing out the natural grains and textures in the oak. It looks so… Continue reading

Reclaimed Queen: in-progress

This headboard is absolutely gorgeous. I managed to come across some hardwood pallets with oak brace beams, which didn’t seem warped or split. Those made for perfect legs for this reclaimed queen headboard.… Continue reading

In-Progress: King Headboard

This in-progress headboard has been sanded, stained, and has a fresh coat of beeswax and orange oil. The top slat has not been attached yet- I save that step for last. Lookin’ really… Continue reading

Vintage Bottles

Here’s a nice element that seems at home in my bathroom. I found these bottles snorkeling with my brother many years ago. I’ve finally decided to do something with them.       … Continue reading

Sold: Queen Headboard

It’s headboard galore in my workshop these days! I have several orders waiting to be filled.          Here are a few in-progress images of queen headboards.        

Reclaimed Industrial Pallet Table

This handcrafted table is made from reclaimed pallet wood. Each unique piece has been planed, joined, and cut to size. Steel rods skewer each board, which are bound together with stainless steel end… Continue reading

SOLD: Custom King Headboard

UPDATE: Found a great shipping deal on, and it’s now en-route to it’s new home.   Received an order for a custom king-sized headboard. I scored a pile of reclaimed oak boards,… Continue reading

Exeter Headboard

Transform your bedroom with this handcrafted headboard made from reclaimed hardwood pallets. Pictured here is a queen size headboard that attaches to the bed frame. Made to order in any size and color.… Continue reading

Bottled Brown

This element, created from reclaimed barn wood, is perfect design decor in any room. It’s shown here in my bedroom, propped against a vintage step stool, holding fresh cut wildflowers.       … Continue reading