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Reclaimed Stand-Up Desk

This beautifully crafted standing desk features reclaimed chemical-free pallets and black iron steel. The desktop, comprised of a variety of woods, is hand-polished and rubbed to a buttery smooth finish. Finished with a blend of danish oil and tung oil, the wood grains are sealed and cured to a hard satin finish. The raised rear shelf is the perfect height for a monitor, and the pullout drawer just below the desktop keeps office supplies out-of-sight. The desk frame is made of hand-cut black iron pipe and handsomely compliments the hard lines of the desktop.




Dog Feeding Station

These reclaimed dog feeding stations are handcrafted from reclaimed chemical-free pallets. Sealed and finished with water-based urethane, they are easy on the environment and perfect for your canine companion. Traditional New England woodworking techniques make these dog feeding stations distinctive and well-made.




Rye Headboard

This handcrafted headboard, made from hardwood pallets, will instantly transform your bedroom. Whether you are looking for country or modern sophistication, this headboard’s subtle style can transform any bedroom. Pair with warm or cool colors to reflect your unique individual style.