Reclaimed Industrial Pallet Table

This handcrafted table is made from reclaimed pallet wood. Each unique piece has been planed, joined, and cut to size. Steel rods skewer each board, which are bound together with stainless steel end bolts. The legs are repurposed steel pipes, threaded to plates sunken into the underside of the table. This one-of-a-kind piece features curly maple, oak, yellow pine, redwood, white pine, and hickory.



Dimensions: 15 1/2″ wide, 40″ long, 21″ tall

While in-progress:


Secret helper joining and planing – these pieces are looking good!

All lined up you can see the different species: oak, curly maple, redwood, and pine.

Metal pipes skewer this table, holding it together.

Edging pieces help refine the look of this one of a kind piece.

. . . Up next, finishing details and putting on the legs.